There's a lot of places online to get your fix if you're into fanfiction, and that's a beautiful thing. Fanfiction is so the story doesn't ever end, and so stories can take any shape imaginable. From canon divergent fics, to completely alternative universes that just borrow the characters, you can literally find just about anything you want in fanfiction.

Warning! Most of what I write is dark. Like, really dark, okay? I use fanfiction and writing in general as a way to cope with the rigors of reality and that means some of the darker places in the psyche. 

I also write queer ships exclusively, mostly Male/Male or Non Binary/Male, or something like that. I have heterosexual side pairs, and some Female/Female pairings, but that's not the majority of what I write. If I can, I make it very gay and very queer, just like me.

Find below a link to the pages for each fanfiction. Enjoy!

Please note: Some fanfics are available exclusively on Ao3 and for members only.